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Wow my journal has been dead for over two years! The HSC is sucking my soul~~ ;-;

if it's one thing I should learn, it's probably how to properly use commas...

Block B Controversy
Netizens of the world, I implore you to please find it in your hearts and stop your tirades against Block B.

I'm not saying what they did was right, and I acknowledge that they did cross the line. Their immature jokes were wrong, and their behaviour rather inappropriate for the interview, but I ask you one thing:

Don't you think that you've now also crossed the line?

Starting up all these petitions for their resignation and suicide, flaming not only them but their innocent loved ones, and calling them a disgrace to Korea. Forgetting that everyone makes mistakes, and that everyone also has feelings. In your posts of how they 'deserved' the flack they've been copping, and how disgusted you are whilst ignoring their heartfelt apologies and Zico shaving his hair off in remorse. These boys have suffered enough, to have their country's people hate them and turn their backs on them, only to have international fans do the same.

They're idols. I get that. But they're no ordinary group. They're unique. They're quirky and adorkable. They make fun of themselves and troll on the red carpet. They're Block B, and no one else. They're also human, and just like you they have regrets and only want a second chance.

Block B didn't have any ill intentions. They just want to spread their talent.

Writer's Block: Anti-bullying month
Who is the biggest bully in your life? One response chosen at random will win an Amazon Kindle. [contest details] (sponsored by )
The biggest bully in my life would probably myself. I constantly think I'm not good enough to participate in conversations with other people and often think that I 'deserve' all the bad things that happen in my life.

I've just watched 71 Into The Fire, and god am I bawling.

The movie was so capturing and beautiful, despite the bloodshed.
Those brave soldiers fought on till their deaths, even when they knew that defeat was ineveitable. They continued through their pain, and held back the enemy for 11 hours until the UN and South Korean forces arrived.

Oh how the last 15 minutes were agonising. T.O.P had a puppy dog look throughout the entirety of the movie, but as he was dying, I cried a waterfall. Did his letter ever get sent to his mother?  When the captain person whispered that he was sorry, oh MAN did I cry. But the final bit, where they were taking a group photo, did I finally comprehend that they were real people. That 71 student soldiers did die.

With this movie, their lives are commerated, and their deaths not in vain, but instead honoured.

I really do feel for Daesung, the taxi driver and the deceased motorcyclist. I also feel for the members of Big Bang.

I'm not defending him in anyway when I say that I wish it wasn't him. I just do. It seems that all the bands I like are cursed. F.CUZ has lost LeeU, UKISS has lost Kibum, Cinema Bizarre has split, Deluhi will split and Versailles has lost the beautiful Jasmine You.

Maybe I should stop liking music all together...

LeeU has withdrawn from F.Cuz....


I suppose it was because F.Cuz wasn't really going anywhere in Korea...but now F.Cuz has lost any amazingly talented vocalist. He was often called the 'reason' of F.Cuz, and now he's decided to pursue a solo career.

I hope he does well, and I also hope F.Cuz does well. >.<


Having things written about you on facebook hurts.

I want vengeance. I want her to feel my pain. You know who you fucking are. Stop acting so innocent!

I'm sick of getting all the blame. I want relief, so what if my only way of release is for her to suffer?

I just guess I'm a saditstic person.

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I feel so worthless.

I feel...used.

I am utterly, utterly confused.

The meaning of life, in a picture

Would be a huge horrid mixture

Paint and pastel

Pen and ink

Humane and inhumane

Are just one thing.

In this little picture,

My little picture

Life is just one huge colourful thing.




This world sucks. It just sucks.

People are dying everywhere. And I can't help.

My thoughts go out to the victims of Queensland, Christchurch and Japan. Here's a poem I read earlier:

Humanity is strong.
Strength of gold and diamond mixed with purity.
Dancing pain and singing trauma.
Hold together that shattered mirror.
Walk through the dying river.

Fly away.


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